Motorized Brush Cleaner

Chevron, cleated, and raised-rib belts present a special problem for efficient cleaning. The Motorized Brush Cleaner is an ideal option for cleaning these belts. It also performs well as the second or third cleaner in a system with worn or pitted belts, as the bristles effectively dislodge trapped material.


  • Uniquely-patterned polypropylene bristles reduce material buildup
  • Cleaner spins opposite the belt direction for optimal cleaning
  • CEMA Class 4
  • Adjustable tensioners - allows easy brush-to-belt adjustment as the bristles wear
  • Works on mechanically spliced or vulcanized belts
  • Belt speeds up to 700 fpm (3.5 m/sec)
  • Belt widths 18" to 84" (450 to 2100 mm)

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