Plain Belt (Wear Resistant)

Wear Resistant Rubber Conveyor Belt with Fabric Reinforced

Product Features:

  • The general fabric conveyor belt is made of EP and finished through the processes of calendering, firming and vulcanising, etc.
  • It is suitable for conveying in normal temperature various non-corrosive pointless lumps, granular or powders such as coal, coke, sand and cement in bulk or packaged.
  • We could offer belt cover grade in accordance to International Standard such as DIN 22102.


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Abrasion – standards

The wear-resistance quality of a conveyor belt is usually the single most important factor that will determine its operational lifetime and, consequently, its cost-effectiveness. There are two internationally recognized sets of standards for abrasion, EN ISO 14890 (H, D and L) and DIN 22102 (Y, W and X). As mentioned earlier, in Europe it is the longer-established DIN standards that are most commonly used. Generally speaking, DIN Y relates to ‘normal’ service conditions and DIN W  to particularly high levels of abrasive wear. However, DIN X is regarded as the most versatile because, in addition to resisting abrasive wear, it also has good resistance to cutting, impact (from high drop heights) and gouging (usually caused by heavy, sharp materials).